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The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Why I am loving this:

Mel Robbins was a chronic snooze button pusher.  She made up the 5 Second Rule to launch herself out of bed and get her life going in the right direction.  Mel attributed the loss of control during her midlife downward spiral to not “feeling like getting out of bed.”  Citing sleep studies about sleep inertia and fatigue/lack of productivity in the first four hours of the day, she persuaded me to use the rule for the same reason, among many others.  I have been experiencing (what I consider as a health professional to be) unreasonable levels of chronic fatigue.  Traditional medical testing has provided no insight regarding this observation, so I continue to work with my outstanding manual professionals to stay the symptoms.  How getting out of bed as soon as the alarm rings has changed life for me is that it has cut that fatigue significantly – by half or more, and I have only been practicing it for a week.  If you are a snooze button pusher, a procrastinator, or someone in need of a quick, easy and free solution to your resistance, this book is for you.  Mel also includes 31 days of FREE video lessons to enhance the easy to listen to audiobook (and paper copy).  Worth the investment of time and dollars, I have recommended this book to several people.  Shout out to Kelsey at Flaman Fitness Lethbridge who pointed me in the direction of Mel’s work!

The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle


We all do it.  Many of us recognize when we are doing it.  Few of us know how to change it.  Procrastination is a dirty little habit (some of us have habituated it far more than others, I cannot let my past self off the hook here.)  This book is so enjoyable to listen to, you will hardly notice the transformation taking place inside of you as you hear the well stitched together tales that will empower you with the knowledge you need to halt procrastination in it’s tracks, and do whatever it is you need to do to move your life forward.  Paired with the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, you will become a powerhouse of execution.

I bought this book after listening to it for free.  I would buy it again, it’s that valuable.  I come back to it at least twice per year, gleaning new gems of applicable wisdom each time I listen.