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PHASE 4 - EITE FitClub Bootcamp FINISH FIT

It’s an intentional move towards a stronger body, mind and self care practice. #Bootcamp style workouts mixed with breath building, nutrition frameworks, supportive peer group and a #PersonalDevelopment book club (and we take field trips!)

Registration for the next 5 weeks of transformation starts here.

Do you want to have a stronger body? Mind? Endurance? Excitement for a Challenge?

Join a small, intimate group of dedicated and positive people like yourself for 5 weeks of 15 Outdoor workouts, breath priming practices, Mindset Development & Mastery, Energy Systems Development, Nutrition Coaching framework and 5 weeks of new habit building.

The Details:
M, W, F

Typically at Gyro Park (sometimes we take up a coulee hike, head to the river bottom, or go adventuring on other terrains).

Strength training, Cardiovascular/Energy Systems training, Nutrition challenges with coaching for success, meditation techniques for improved cognitive function, and a book study for personal fulfillment & total transformation.

Want to chat? Text or Call Erin: (403) 380-8660

ELITE Fitness & Nutrition Club 2017

Registration is open!

2017 Outdoor Elite Fitness & Nutrition Club is the transformative experience you have been hungry for. 

Expect to Become:

  • Fitter, stronger, faster.
  • Healthier, and more driven than ever.      
  • Accomplish your goals, dreams, desires, and outcomes for transformation.
  • Master your state of mind.
  • Improve all areas of your life!

Mindset Transformation Book Club:

  • 4 books that will change your life and shift you into the meaning and purpose you truly desire.
  • A peer group who will support your daily PUSH to become the best you can be.
  • Application, NOT just accumulation – use what you learn to take action in your life.

What else is included:

  • 45 Outdoor Work outs to transform your body, mind, and motivation to take action!
  • Mobility strategies for longevity and optimal health.
  • 5 months of Whole Food Nutrition, recipe sharing, and meal management strategies.
  • 2 daily mindset meditations.
  • Priming Practice  at every workout (gratitude and mindfulness).
  • Unlimited support for the body and lifestyle transformations you are ready to achieve!
  • Kind but effectively firm pressure to become all that you have the potential for.



Aerial & Vinyasa Flow are the stars of the show.

Check out Aerial Yoga at Core Elements with Erin on Tuesday nights 8:30-9:30pm.  These classes run in an 8 week progressive registered format.

Find more information here: Core Elements Class Schedule

Come to the mat to find your balance between work and rest in a Vinyasa Flow class (Hatha Yoga) at the YMCA on Tuesday mornings from 9:15-10:15 am

Find More information here: YMCA Lethbridge Class Schedule

Personal Yoga: Customized classes for your individual or group needs.  Anywhere, anytime, we have yoga for you!  Click the button to the right to get in touch.

Personal & Corporate Yoga

Bring yoga to my home or workplace

Personal Training – Mobile Fitness 

We deliver purposeful movement to you however and wherever it best suits your needs.  Individualized programming for your specific goals, one on one or in a private group.  Gyms are available for training, but not necessary.  Boardrooms, living rooms and backyards all make great playgrounds when training for the sport of life.  There’s a button for that too…

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