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Working with a life coach helps you close the gap between where you are in life and where you want to be. it is having conversations and acquiring strategies to help you become the person you want to become in life, to conquer the fears that you have about achieving what you want to achieve, and it is building relationships with people so that you can help them grow in turn. A life coach tells you things that people around you are too polite to tell you, or don’t have the skills to discern. It’s a way to solve problems and overcome obstacles that get in the way of our happiness, fulfilment and our joyfulness so that we can live the fullest expression of ourselves. In turn it helps foster that fullest expression in others.

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Take the next step towards your fulfilling life of meaning and purpose.  Immersive Coaching happens twice per month, and requires a minimum 2.5 hour commitment bi-weekly.  Don’t panic – this is how real change becomes your new way of life.

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The Self Care Co. delivers fun, educational, transformational based experiences for the Healthy Start Wellness Coaching Tribe to take life to the next level. Partnering with amazing individuals and businesses, exceptional speakers and presenters, we offer soulful experiences in a warm and exciting growth environment.  Keep an eye out for upcoming events with The Self Care Co. and our affiliate partners! Check out a separate website that tells you just that information soon.

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Building physical strength reinforces your mental and emotional strength. It is the key to lasting mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. What and how you gain in your pursuit of fitness can help you overcome obstacles in all areas of your life. Challenging yourself to become better than you were yesterday is the ultimate path of empowerment. It helps you to reclaim your sense of youthfulness and vitality, boosts energy and allows you to move in ways that are strong, flexible, and fluid. Help eliminate pain, movement dysfunction, and low energy with consistent, purposeful movement. Fitness Programming specific to your needs and your level of ability as well as your individual goals through personal training, small group training, family training, bootcamps and corporate fitness programs.

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Food is an incredibly emotional part of our lives. We are constantly planning how we eat, what we eat, where we’ll eat, who we’ll eat with, and in our society today we are conscious of how food will effect us. Learning why we eat the way that we do and how to eat to feel our best is incredibly important and can influence every aspect of your life. Learning about how to eat, and how to feed others, will give you the edge you need to live the life you want.

"Let food be thy medicine." Hippocrates

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